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Raul S

I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Swepston in March of the year. He was referred to me by my BofA loan officer.

I must say that I was tremendously lucky to have met Steve and signed him on as my agent.

After my initial conversation with Steve I started to develop a comfort level with him, but I was still very cautious because as we all know with real estate transactions you have to be very careful with whom you do business.

After meeting Steve in-person for the first time and spending a good hour or so with him my gut feeling told me that he’s the guy for me. You just can’t beat 25+ of solid dedicated real estate selling in the tri-valley area!

Then the house hunting process began. I was careful not to get into bidding wars with other home buyers so I would only offer asking price or maybe slightly more, and Steve agreed with me, but he did mention it’s going to take a longer time to find a home due to the very hot market.

After getting outbid on at least 3 or 4 homes I was about to give up, but Steve convinced me to never give up, because giving up means you never own a home, but if you stay in the game then somewhere somehow you will find your dream home. It just takes perseverance and tenancity!

He couldn’t have been more right. There was this beautiful home in Danville that I noticed on Zillow that was priced a bit too much out of my price range, but suddenly the owner dropped the price over 5% after just a week on the market because he had to sell it quickly.

So Steve and I headed over there that morning, and after looking at the home we offered the asking price. The most important part of this transaction is that because of Steve’s experience in real estate and his relationships with other agents in the business, he and the seller’s agent knew each other, so that really helped seal the deal.

My wife and I are now the proud owners of this beautiful home in Danville. I am very sure that I would not be living here now had it not been for Steve Swepston. I feel indebted to Steve for the rest of my life. I can’t speak highly enough of him. He’s truly the best of the best


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